A message from Humza

Thank you for re-electing me as your Constituency MSP for Glasgow Pollok

I am delighted to have been re-elected by my constituents to represent the people of Glasgow Pollok in the Scottish Parliament. Whether you voted for me, you didn’t vote for me, or you didn’t vote at all – it is my job and privilege to support and recognise the needs of everyone in the Constituency.

I have gotten to know the Glasgow Pollok Constituency extremely well over the last 5 years as Constituency MSP and have made some great connections with local groups and individuals. Please do get in touch with me if you are a local group seeking to provide a beneficial service in the constituency to see how we can work together for the people of Pollok.

I am proud to have been part of an SNP Government that has prioritised affordable homes, protecting the NHS, and closing the education attainment gap.

At this time, the SNP’s immediate and absolute focus is seeing us through the Covid-19 pandemic and helping the NHS, businesses and individual constituents to recover.

It will be no surprise to anyone that as a member of the SNP, I wholeheartedly support independence for Scotland. As we recover from the effects of the pandemic, we have an opportunity to build a more socially just Scotland. In order to achieve this, we need all the powers of a normal independent nation.

If there is something I can help you with and you would like to contact me then please use the contact details on my website.

Thanks for visiting my page.

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Thank you for all kind msgs of solidarity/support ppl have sent to my family. Few points from me:

▪️Some ppl suggesting Nursery may not have wanted child with high profile parent. That was my initial thought, hence why we tested it 2 more times, different names but same result.

You can read detail & timelines of applications in article below.

3 White-Scottish applicants offered tours of nursery & spaces, often within less than 24hrs of applicants with Muslim names being rejected, including application for my daughter.

https://t.co/uLjHwkbee3 https://t.co/hixBzuBjYZ



Humza Yousaf
Humza Yousaf
Not a step my wife Nadia & I have taken lightly. After our nursery application for our daughter was refused a 2nd time, Nadia asked her White Scottish friend Julie to put in an application for a Child the same age. Within 24hrs of refusing our application Julie's application was accepted.

Nadia repeated the step by creating a fake profile with a White Scottish sounding name & submitting an application, and at the same time asking her sister Sara Ahmed to submit an application, Sara's application was rejected, the White Scottish applicant was offered nursery spaces.

I was in disbelief. At this stage I thought there has to be a rational explanation. I handed our evidence over to investigate journalist Annie Brown. She created two profiles and submitted applications for children of the same age, with the same requirements. Lo and behold "Aqsa Akhtar" had her application rejected but "Susan Blake" had hers accepted and was offered 4 afternoons.

At aged 2yrs old I believe my daughter has faced discrimination from Little Scholars Nursery either based on her ethnicity or religion. The nursery has had ample opportunity to provide an explanation, none has been forthcoming.

How many other families has this happened to?

As well as reporting this nursery to the Care Inspecorate I am seeking legal advice.

That this can happen in 2021 is astounding. Nadia and I will pursue answers and the truth will come out.

Humza Yousaf
Humza Yousaf
I had a great time in the constituency today visiting Southside Housing Association to see their Southside Connections initiative. They are providing healthy lunches and loads of sports and craft activities. They are running 5 days a week, with 2 of those days at Moss Heights Halfway Park.

This week, they were joined by Make Do and Grow CIC - a Govan reuse and up-cycling crafts organisation. Thank you again to the fantastic team and young volunteers for all of the positive work they are doing in the constituency.


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